WGST 250: Women's Health Activism

Instructor: Meera Sehgal
Women's and Gender Studies
Spring 2011
Origami Tree
Molina Tang '11
Spring 2011
Course Description
This course focuses on women's health movements and feminist activism around reproductive justice in the U.S.. Our explorations will be linked to a Carleton art gallery exhibition titled EveryBody! that highlights the use of graphic teaching aids, polemical publications and artistic projects by women's health movements to teach women to celebrate "embodied self-knowledge". Our intellectual focus will be on the role of feminist activism in shifting the discourse around women's health from medicalized pathology to empowerment. The course will have a civic engagement component that encourages students to develop creative visual approaches to feminist health education in the community.


Exploration of women's health movements and feminist activism was linked to EveryBody! Visual Resistance in Feminist Health Movements, 1969-2009. View the course projects on the Curricular Connections page.

Course Material

Course Syllabus (Acrobat (PDF) 200kB Dec9 12)
Course Requirements and Assignments