SOAN 256: Transformations in African Ethnography

Instructor: Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Sociology and Anthropology
Spring 2012

Viz Staging Selves Webpage
A Trader's Children
Mayo Darlé
Joseph Chila
Spring 2012
Course Description
This course explores changes in the existential conditions of African peoples, as well as transformations in who is representing African societies and in how anthropologists have posed questions about them. The course is linked to Staging Selves: Cameroonian portrait photography. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the related exhibition, The Social Body: Malian Portrait Photography from the Studio to the Street.

Syllabus and Course Material

SOAN 256 Syllabus, Spring 2012 (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 1.3MB Apr3 12)
Adopt a Photograph: Observational Exercise (Acrobat (PDF) 94kB Dec13 12)
Adopt a Photograph: Ethnographic Fiction Exercise (Acrobat (PDF) 103kB Dec13 12)
Adopt a Photograph: Anthropological Contextualization and Analysis Exercise (Acrobat (PDF) 78kB Dec13 12)

Alternative Catalogue (Acrobat (PDF) 9.7MB Jun13 12)