HIST 137: Early Medieval Worlds

Instructor: Bill North
Fall 2012

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Exhibition Overview
Fall 2012
Course Description
Through the intensive exploration of four "worlds" in the early Middle Ages (Late Antique Italy, Anglo-Saxon England, Carolingian Europe, the Holy Roman Empire) this course seeks to offer an introduction to formative political, social, and cultural developments in Europe between c. 250 and c.1050. Particular attention will be paid to the sources of our knowledge of early medieval people and polities.

Course Goals and Syllabus

Course Syllabus PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 457kB Dec1 12)

Exhibition Project

The Liberating Arts and Sciences of Design
Stuart Urback '13 Design PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 1.5MB Dec9 12)

Good Label Template (Zip Archive 468kB Dec1 12)
Courtesy of Fiona MacNeill
Students created their own labels using the following template, and with guidance from Tucker MacNeill, Stuart Urback, and Bill North.

Photo Request Form
Professor North created a request form to simplify and economize the process of photographing manuscripts. The photos were posted to the secure Moodle course website

Exhibition Group Update Moodle Forum
Professor North facilitated a lively discussion forum where group members could update one another and the rest of the class.

Final Submission Checklist