HIST 100: Visualizing Friends and Enemies in the Socialist World

Instructor: David Tompkins
Fall 2012
Pan He (Chinese, 1925 - ) Tough Times, ca. 1980
Fiberglass reproduction of cast bronze sculpture in Military Museum Carleton Art Collection, gift of Bernice Hanson on behalf of Haldore Hanson '35
Course Description
In the socialist world during the Cold War, the world was divided into friends and enemies. We will study the construction and pedagogical use of these images from political cartoons, books, exhibitions, posters, photographs, television and film, and examine how images of enemies like the United States and Israel and friends such as the USSR and China were mobilized to provide examples for proper behavior in socialist countries. With reference to the theoretical and historical literature, we will engage in an analysis of these visual sources to more deeply understand the societies in which they circulated.

HIST 100 Syllabus (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 144kB Dec13 12)

Exhibition Assignment

Propaganda Film Clips

Exhibition Opening
Exhibition: Visualizing Friends and Enemies in the Socialist World
Presentation assignment: Collaborative Think Piece and Presentation (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 91kB Dec13 12)

Resources and Interesting Links

Exhibition Master List (Acrobat (PDF) 2.2MB Dec13 12)

The Art of Chinese Propaganda, The Picture Show, Frank Langfitt, November 9, 2012
Chinese Poster Themes