GEOL 286-288: Geology Seminar in New Zealand

Instructors: Mary Savina and Maureen Kahn
Winter 2012
Course Description
In this course, we will study the tectonic evolution of the South Island. Participants will work in small teams to hone their field observation skills, make structural measurements, and develop their mapping skills in several field sites across the South Island. Visits to additional field sites such as glaciers, fjords, slivers of the mantle, and the Alpine fault are possible.

Making Geothermal Videos

The following material describes an assignment prepared for an off-campus study course in New Zealand January-March 2012. Students will film and edit videos describing the behavior of geothermal features.

Complete Assignment Overview (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 153kB Sep5 11)

Assignment Sheet for geothermal videos (Microsoft Word 28kB Dec17 11)

iMovie Instructions Handout (Acrobat (PDF) 430kB Dec17 11)

What not to do with a video camera (MP4 Video 46.7MB Sep2 11)

Filming Fumaroles (MP4 Video 123.2MB Sep2 11)

Draft Assessment Rubric (Microsoft Word 19kB Sep5 11)

Mary Savina's presentation at the Viz Winter Break Workshop, December 2011.