BIOL 236: Plant Biology

Instructor: Susan Singer
Spring 2011
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Spring 2011
Course Description
How do plants work? This course is framed in the context of advances in evolution and genomics, which offer insight into physiological, developmental, morphological, and anatomical adaptations to diverse environments. Emphasis is placed on experimental approaches to the study of plants. The biology behind current issues related to food and agriculture, including genetically modified organisms, will be investigated.

Nutrition Project


Both the Northfield School District and St. Dominic, a Catholic elementary school in Northfield, have made substantial changes in their school lunch programs to emphasize healthy food choices and local food sources. Students in this course study the nutritional effects of various plant-based lunches, and create a messaging campaign, rich with visual information, to encourage students to take advantage of these new lunch options.

Plant Nutrition Posters for Elementary School (Acrobat (PDF) 4MB Sep6 11)