Team Pages

During AccessData Workshops, teams use editable Web pages to capture their interactions and compile activity content. The result is a complete and accessible record of each team's activity development efforts. These records will be the primary source of information for the team's curriculum developer to generate a complete Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter. As such, it is essential that all information and notes generated by teams is recorded in the team pages or in other documents that are uploaded to the page.

How to use these pages

The team pages are editable Web pages hosted by Carleton College's Science Education Resource Center (SERC). Pages feature a "live edit" interface accessible through the Editing Controls in the upper right corner of the page. The current version of each page can be accessed and edited by those who have appropriate access. Content is saved directly to SERC's server.

IMPORTANT: You must Log in to access the edit interface of these pages!

Log in or Create your SERC Account

To access your team's workspace, click your team name in the menu on the left. The first time you want to edit it, you'll need to log in if you already have a SERC account, or create an account if you don't have one. Please use the same email address that you provided when you registered for the AccessData Workshop as your username, and set your own password. For any questions or problems with accessing your SERC account, please contact Sean Fox, SERC's Technical Director, at sfox_at_carleton.edu.