Learning about Learning: Metacognition

Members:Britt Scharringhausen (Beloit), Steve Singleton (Coe), Tim Tibbets (Monmouth), Marty Condon (Cornell), Janet Davis (Grinnell)


  • Getting buy-in from skeptical colleagues and administrators.
  • Identify resources for learning about these topics ourselves.
  • Delivering these resources to interested colleagues.
  • Implementation in larger classes.
  • Does spending time on metacognition necessarily mean covering less content, or can it support the delivery of content?
  • Persuading students that this is worthwhile.
Existing resources:
  • Writing Center Directors often have a lot of expertise in this area. Ask for their help with assignment design and assessment.
  • Metacognition in Geoscience
Action Steps
  • Assign reading to group. Accomplish this by Sunday!
  • Continue to post thoughts on the wiki - annotate resources for review, add resources that seem useful.
  • Group members identify interested colleagues, brainstorm about implementation, report back on the Wiki.
  • Meet (perhaps virtually, perhaps at Coe) before the start of spring semester to discuss implementation in classes.
Goals for the Next Meeting
  • Finalize a short list of reading for our colleagues.
  • Commit to small goals and actions for Spring term.
  • Develop prompts for an Experience Report form.