ACM/PKAL/FaCE Exchange Program

This project is fostering reciprocal visits of faculty within the ACM. For example a chemistry faculty from Coe would visit Ripon chemistry department with a specific faculty host. The Ripon host would then visit Coe in a reciprocal visit. Our goal t is to facilitate collaboration between ACM faculty in both pedagogical and research. We think this will lead to cross-fertilization of best practice and a reduction in isolation among our faculty.

Aspects of a Visit

In order to maximize the value of these visits for both the traveling faculty and the departments, each visit should be rich and involve a full day of activities facilitating exchange around both pedaogy and research. Including:
    • Opportunities to Interact with faculty and students both formally and informally, for example:
      • lunch time
      • scheduled individual meetings
      • tea/coffee/cookies
    • Talk on research areas
    • Opportunity for pedagogical exchange such as:
      • class visit
      • teach class
      • meeting with departmental members
A requirement of the project is that each visit be documented in a project webpage. These pages serve as the record of the projects activities, serve ACM colleges and departments in envisioning new exchange visits or pairs, and allow all to learn from the experiences of the pair.

Each page inculdes (this will go away once we have an example.)
      • pictures
      • what happened; abstracts
      • results of interaction