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Disciplinary Groups Across the ACM

We want to facilitate collaboration between ACM faculty through visits involving both pedagogical and research exchanges. We think this will lead to cross-fertilization of best practice and a reduction in isolation among our faculty.

Group members: Steven Huss-Lederman, Mas Iimura, Katie Johnson, Laura Moore, Joe Scanlon, Marty St. Clair, Craig Teague, Henry Walker

Action Plan
  • Establish liaisons at each ACM participating institution
    • Instrument and expertise list
      • Liaison facilitate
      • Marty coordinate creation of list forms
    • Start of liaisons
      • Beloit (Steve/Katie)
      • Coe (Marty)
      • Monmouth (Laura)
      • Ripon (Joe/Mas)
      • Grinnell (Jim?)
      • Cornell (Charley Liberko?)
      • use FaCE institutional representatives to try to get ones for other institutions (Marty)
  • Arrange one-day visits among proximate colleges
    • Arrange multidisciplinary team visits
      • FaCE grant
        • Steve/Katie with liaison move grant soon
        • ~$3k for ~6 visits; about half determined for proposal
        • look into campus matches
    • Example visits
      • Prototypical visit components
        • Full day of activities
        • Interact with faculty and students formally and informally
          • lunch time
          • scheduled individual meetings
          • tea/coffee/cookies
        • Talk on research areas
        • Opportunity for pedagogical exchange
          • class visit
          • teach class
          • meeting with departmental members
          • PKAL curricular goals
        • creation of web page on PKAL/FaCE/ACM site (template to be created; first shot by Monmouth/Ripon)
          • pictures
          • what happened; abstracts
          • results of interaction
      • Coe/Cornell previous visit
        • Steve at Coe showed Cornell students laser usage/demo
        • Steve went to Cornell and did lecture and class
        • Craig from Cornell gave research talk at Coe and contributed to MRI grants
        • Results
          • both use equipment and starting to collaborate on research
          • grant funded and did another grant
          • Craig gained better appreciation of lasers and integrated into own courses
          • Coe students heard about Craig's research
      • Proposed Ripon (Mas) <-> Monmouth (Laura) exchange
        • Laura teach biochem, etc. and/or non-majors class
        • Laura give research seminar
        • Laura observe classes
        • Laura have lunch with students
        • Laura spring break 2009; Mas fall 2009
      • Grinnell (Henry) <-> Beloit (Steve)
        • Henry spring 2009; Steve S09?
      • Beloit/Ripon science group
      • Ripon/Lawrence chemistry
  • Hoped outcomes/future initiatives
    • Investigate the possibility of a student research symposium and/or a multi-campus REU
      • liaisons discuss in F09 after initial visit
    • Explore possibility of sabbatical exchanges with ACM schools
    • Honeybee model of pollination across ACM

Notes from group sessions (Microsoft Word 33kB Dec7 08)