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Motion of a Mass on a Spring

Joan Foley
Ortonville High School
Ortonville, MN
Originally written by James Thompson Ortonville High School
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In this physics lab students investigate the rest mass on a spring and the simple harmonic motion that is formed by it. Calculating the frequency, amplitude, period, and displacement of the mass.

Learning Goals

Students will use concepts discussed in class to reinforce the idea of frequency, period, amplitude, and displacement of the mass during simple harmonic motion.

Context for Use

In this 50 minute lab, students will make measurements based on a simple harmonic set up. These measurements will be used to make calculations of frequency, amplitude, period, and displacement.

Subject: Physics:Oscillations & Waves:Oscillations
Resource Type: Activities:Lab Activity
Grade Level: High School (9-12)

Description and Teaching Materials

The students will need a ring stand, spring, mass, and measuring device. Students will measure the displacement and the time for the movement of the mass, and do appropriate calculations.
Motion of a Mass on a Spring (Microsoft Word 25kB Aug3 09)

Teaching Notes and Tips


Based on calculations of the student work.



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