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Introduction to Chemistry Tools and Vocabulary through Word Walls and Centers

Faith Sohns
Hilltop Elementary
Henderson, Minnesota
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In this chemistry activity, the students will be exposed to introductory words along with names and pictures of tools in the chemistry field. Students will be exposed to the words and tools by looking at and reciting words from a slide show and then as a whole group develop a word/picture wall.
Then they will support the introduced material by working in small groups completing several center activities.

Learning Goals

This activity is designed for students to become familiar with vocabulary and tools used in the Chemistry classroom, MCA testing, and state science standards. Students will use oral presentation, equipment operation and having the basic knowledge to answer questions related to science concepts.

Context for Use

This text will facilitate a single level classroom, grades 1 to 3, or a multi-age classroom of grades 1,2, & 3. After the initial instruction the student will participate in centers to reinforce the chemistry vocabulary, tools and concepts presented.

Subject: Chemistry
Resource Type: Activities:Classroom Activity
Grade Level: Primary (K-2)

Description and Teaching Materials

Book: Science Tools by Susan Canizare
Overhead projector Science tools
Computer 8 Centers
SMART board Center groupings
Baking soda/Vinegar experiemnt

I will engage the students by having them observe a small experiment. Then they will list and discuss everything they observed. Next we will list all of the tools used. Discuss the tools used and other tools present in the classroom.
We will regroup and share a story, slide show and begin work on word wall.
All of the centers will be introduced and then the students will be assigned to the different centers to support material presented earlier.
Tracing: Chemistry tools Scanning the Tool
Pipette Pictures Rice Table
Fill the Container Find the Tool - Word hunt
Old Maid Matching - Term and tool
Screen Science

Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity will compliment and reinforce what is taught with the science curriculum and MN Standards. In the past I have used this type of activity with reading and math.


The students will be assessed by teacher observation and successful center completion.


Gr. 1 Strand 1, Scientific Inquiry: Sub-Strand B.
The students will appropriately use scientific tools for observation and measurement. The student will use vocabulary to describe, compare and contrast.

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