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Indicator Indi-Gator

Robin Saltee
Win-E-Mac School
Erskine, MN

The Best of Wonder Science
Delmar Publishers
page 290-291
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In this activity the students will see how one to three liquids will change the color.

Learning Goals

They will observe how liquids will change the color of something.
They will talk through what happened.
They will develop critical thinking skills.

Vocabulary Words:

Context for Use

2nd grade
about 22 students
About 30 minutes

Materials Needed:
  • 1 can of frozen grape juice
  • white drawing paper
  • blunt scissors
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • 3 cereal bowls
  • 3 plastic teaspoons
  • measuring cup
  • cotton swab
  • paper towels
  • pencil and paper to label bowls

Subject: , ChemistryGeneral ChemistryAcids & Bases
Resource Type: Activities:Lab Activity
Grade Level: Primary (K-2)

Description and Teaching Materials

The students would make an Indi-Gator and put a number one on one and two on the other. You would dip the first Indi-Gator into juice (don't dip the tail) and take it out. Then they would predict what will happen if you dip it into the baking soda. Repeat the above before dipping into the vinegar.

The second Indi-Gator would start with vinegar, then baking soda, and then grape juice. They should also make the predictions before each step.

They would also have a chart to record their predictions.

Teaching Notes and Tips


I will listen to discussion that the students have and the chart they have recorded their predictions on.


History and Nature of Science
B. Scientific Inquiry
1. The student will use appropriate tools to gather and organize data.
2. The student will recognize and describe patterns in data.

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