The ComPADRE Collections

Activity Submission

The most important and exciting outcome of this workshop is the development of a significant number of Activity Sheets for the SERC and ComPADRE libraries. These describe the learning goals, classroom activities, and assessments. Activities are connected to one of the SERC Pedagogic Modules, describing research-based approaches to teaching. The ComPADRE collection is starting with the modules on Interactive Lectures, Just in Time Teaching, Mathematical and Statistical Models, and Interactive Lecture Demos. More Details are available in the SERC Pedagogic Resource Library.

This is an example of a physics activity sheet for an interactive lecture.

Pre-Workshop Assignment

Invited participants must complete and submit two Activity Sheets in preparation for the workshop.The deadline for this submission is July 13, 2007 so we can review the formatting of the submissions and form review groups for the workshop.

We would recommend that you start working on your Activity Sheets using the SERC-ComPADRE Activity Template (Microsoft Word PRIVATE FILE 47kB Jun29 07).
Once you have completed the activity, it can be uploaded to SERC using the Activity Submission Form. This will allow us to collect your instructional activity and associated files. We are happy to help with the uploading of your activity.

Review Criteria

One of the first things that we will do at the workshop will be a review of existing activity sheets. The review criteria for these activities may help you create your two activities.

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