The ComPADRE Collections

Participants and Activities

Below are the activity submissions of the workshop participants. You have been placed into groups for the review and editing process. Please review the activities submitted by your group, using the Review Criteria developed for this workshop.

Group 1

Marsha Hobbs, Jackson Preparatory School
Sue Ramlo, University of Akron
John Stewart, University of Arkansas
David Pundak, Ort Braude College, Isreal

Group 2

Joel Donna, University of Minnesota
Steve Shropshire, Idaho State University
Gay Stewart, University of Arkansas Nathaniel Lasry, Harvard University

Group 3

Scott Bonham, Western Kentucky University
  • Coming Soon: Graph Predictions for Position, Velocity and Acceleration, Just in Time Teaching
  • Coming Soon: Tutorial on vectors and vector addition, Interactive Lectures
Kathy Harper, Ohio State University
Steve Maier, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Group 4

Terry Bradfield, Northeastern State University, OK
Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma
Dave Trapp, Sequim High School
Esther Zirbel, Tufts University