Sheldon Turner

Science, Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy

Triton College

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Activities (2)

Ocean Acidification/Acid Rain Demonstration with a Soda Stream part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
Using a SodaStream or other household carbonation appliance to teach about acidification and its effects on the environment.

Glacial Landscapes Jigsaw with an Augmented Reality Sandbox part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
A jigsaw style activity where students learn the basics of topographic maps and teach their peers about glacial landforms through use of an augmented reality sandbox.

Conference Presentations (2)

Geo-Needs: A Synthesized Ideal Model for Broadening Participation in the Geosciences at Two-Year and Minority-Serving Institutions part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2016:Program:Poster Sessions:Thursday
Employment opportunities in the geosciences are rapidly expanding, yet underrepresented minorities continue to make up ~8% of the geoscience-related workforce. Our project focuses specifically on the lack of ...

Toward Reciprocal Integration: Fusing STEM, Liberal Arts and Business Curricula in Undergraduate Sustainability Education part of Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
While a scientifically and technologically literate citizenry is essential to meet the challenges of sustainability and ensure U.S. economic competitiveness, a strong STEM workforce alone is not sufficient to ...