Hayley Joyell Smith

University of Georgia

The best way to learn about me is to visit my website:http://www.hayleyjoyellsmith.com

Born and raised in Indiana I adopted a mid-west work ethic. After graduating from Hanover College with a double-major in Geology and Philosophy I moved to Asheville, North Carolina. There I cultivated a wide array of science teaching skills at Hanger Hall School for Girls. During my time in the classroom and leading weekly field trips I noticed that blending scientific inquiry and acknowledging varying cultural perspectives created a dynamic learning environment. 

Later I narrowed my focus to water education in Western North Carolina. Through AmeriCorps Conserve, I served as a regional water education coordinator at RiverLink. I developed locally-based curriculum, created a 3D model illustrating the urban water system, and collaborated on the educational video. 

I recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Earth Science from North Carolina State University. There I studied under Dr. David McConnell and was part of the Geoscience Learning Process Research Group, which is the leading team of geoscience education researchers in the country. My thesis: What Do Students Find Relevant in an Introductory Geology Course? Implications for Changing Students’ Attitudes About the Relevance of Geoscience. 

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