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University of Mary Washington

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Teaching Principles Students How to Assess the State of the Economy part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Principles of economics students are asked to collect and analyze data on a few macro economic aggregates to give them a first taste of empirical work.

Analyzing the Last Five Years of the US Economy for an Intermediate Macro Course part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Intermediate students are asked to analyze data on the components of consumption and investment expenditures and explanatory variables based on textbook models of each. Students look for rough correlations between the explanatory and dependent variables.

Teaching Method Module (1)

Quantitative Writing part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing
Original module compiled by John C. Bean at Seattle University Enhanced by Steven A. Greenlaw with assistance from John C. Bean, Nathan Grawe, and Dean Peterson. What is Quantitative Writing? Quantitative writing ...

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Steve Greenlaw part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:About this Project:Project Participants
Professor of Economics University of Mary Washington 1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Phone: 540 654-1483 Fax: 540 654-1074 Background Information Steve Greenlaw is Professor of ...