Monica Gowan

Health Sciences Research

Central Washington University

Dr. Monica E. Gowan has a PhD in Health Sciences (University of Canterbury), a Master of Science in Geology (Western Washington University), a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (University of Minnesota), and a Bachelor of Arts (Gustavus Adolphus College) with a double major in geography and geology. Monica is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, a licensed geologist in Oregon and Washington, and a licensed engineering geologist in Washington. She is a certified professional geologist through the American Institute of Professional Geologists.  Her research interests are at the nexus between natural phenomena and human agency, with a focus on integrative disaster resilience. Her professional work experience spans the academic, research, private consulting, government, and non-profit sectors.  She has served in numerous leadership roles within her professional communities and is a former Councilor of the Geological Society of America.  

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Developing student literacy on risk, resilience, and strategies for living with disaster uncertainty part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Teaching about Risk and Resilience:Activities
In this guided research and critical thinking activity, students prepare a research paper comprised of two parts: 1) a "state-of-the-science" review and synthesis of selected literature from risk and resilience research (provided) and 2) a brief critical appraisal of how current knowledge is (or could be) applied to building disaster resilience in a real-world scenario. Part 2 will be set in a student-selected hazard context (coastal hazards, flooding, or earthquake), employment sector (academia, government, private industry, services, non-profit), and geopolitical sphere of influence (e.g., Resilience to earthquake disaster in the student population at Universidad de Lima, Peru).

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Disaster Resilience 2015-2025: What will it look like in Cascadia? part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Teaching about Risk and Resilience:Real-World Examples
Monica Gowan, Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic Summary The current blueprint for global disaster risk reduction (known as HFA, or the Hyogo Framework of Action 2005-2015, Building the Resilience of Nations ...