Shawn Doan

Sehome High School

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Using Submarine Landslides to Predict Slope Stability part of ERESE:ERESE Activities
Students use detailed bathymetric maps to find submarine landslides and compare the slope of these slides to the slope of hills near school and home. By comparing the slopes they can consider slope failure, especially during earthquakes.

Other Contributions (2)

Introduction to the structure of the ocean using CTD data part of ERESE:ERESE Activities
Short Description: Students use their own experiences and CTD data to learn the basic structure of oceans. Depth, light, temperature, oxygen, salinity and pressure are considered.

Teaching the Carbon Cycle with a Consideration of Chemosynthesis (FeMO) part of ERESE:ERESE Activities
A unit for the teaching of the Carbon cycle with a consideration of chemosynthesis (FeMO)