Laura Ruhl

Earth Sciences

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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Hydraulic Conductivity of Porous Media Exercise part of Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Activities
This activity provides the hydrogeology students an exercise to understand specific discharge, hydraulic conductivity, and porous media. They will actually use a Darcy column to gather data on porous media, as well ...

Isotopes in the Hydrogeologic System part of Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Activities
The students will use activities to understand atomic mass and isotopes and stable isotopic fractionation in the hydrologic system.

Courses (2)

Earth and the Environment part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Coastal Hazards, Risk, and Environmental Justice:Courses
This is an interdisciplinary introductory level undergraduate course that explores various aspects of environmental geology, as well as introducing basic geologic concepts.

Environmental Geology part of Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Courses
Throughout this environmental geology course, we will use geology to help understand conflicts in land use and potential hazards, to understand the root of and how to minimize environmental degradation, and to ...


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