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Peer Review of Multimedia Web Sites Authored by Student Teams part of Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
This activity is a peer-review exercise where students, as individuals, write templated reviews of draft web sites authored by student teams. The web sites are created over an entire term and relate to a topic ...

The Tip-It Game class activity part of Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
Show credits HideThis photo of the Tip-It game is from This activity requires students to play the game Tip-It to learn about some essential aspects about complex system ...

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Circling Complexity: Abrupt Change in Climate & Human Networks part of Complex Systems:Workshop 2010:Participant Essays
Trish Ferrett, Carleton College The climate system is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks! -Dr. Wally Broecker Through teaching about complex systems in a course on abrupt climate change, I have ...