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Central Michigan University

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Using Real Data from Ice Cores and Salt Cores to Interpret Paleoclimate part of Sedimentary Geology:Activities
The goals of this project are to engage sedimentary geology students in critical thinking about global warming. I present information about how ice cores and halite cores record past temperature data. Then, ...

Growing Salt: An Independent Course Research Project Investigating Chemical Sediments part of Sedimentary Geology:Activities
In this assignment, students design, implement, and report on their own mini-research project involving the growth of salts. This gives students practical research experience, as well a better understanding of how ...

Cementation and Neomorphism: Incorporating the Basics of Diagenesis into Any Sedimentary Geology Course part of Sedimentary Geology:Activities
Diagenesis is an important sedimentary process and undergraduate students greatly benefit from learning how to recognize and interpret common diagenetic features. This can be accomplished with a two to three week ...