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'A Civil Action' 1-D Transport Game part of Hydrogeology:Activities
The 'A Civil Action' 1-D Transport Game is executed in an EXCEL spreadsheet and is designed to help students learn why models are used by scientists and engineers and what procedures must be met to ...

Using the EXCEL Woburn Flow and Transport Model to Teach Modeling Concepts part of Hydrogeology:Activities
Modeling ties together many subjects taught in an introductory hydrogeology course. The goals of this activity are for students to learn why scientists and engineers use models, what types of models are commonly ...

TCE Transport to Woburn Wells G and H part of Hydrogeology:Activities
Transport of TCE to municipal wells G and H in Woburn, Massachusetts and link between the consumption of the polluted water and the cluster of childhood leukemia cases in east Woburn in were the central scientific ...

Induced Infiltration Animation: Woburn Wells G & H and the Aberjona River part of Hydrogeology:Activities
Induced infiltration of surface water into an unconfined aquifer by municipal wells is a common occurrence and an increasingly important regulatory issue across the U.S. The role of the Aberjona River in providing ...

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SCIENCE IN THE COURTROOM part of A Civil Action - The Woburn Toxic Trial
This website is designed to help students and instructors use the teaching modules and resource collections from the famous trial described in "A Civil Action" in science and interdisciplinary courses in high school and college.

Creating the Timeline part of A Civil Action - The Woburn Toxic Trial:Instructor Materials:1 - Timeline of Events
An overview and chronology of the Woburn toxic trial is presented in this module. The goal of this exercise is to familiarize students with the background and story of the Woburn toxic trial.

Water-Level Maps part of A Civil Action - The Woburn Toxic Trial:Instructor Materials:4 - Groundwater Flow
Creating concourse from groundwater data to project and predict groundwater flow.


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