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Interactive Fiction Game for Information Literacy Description part of STEM Futures:Product Elements
In this activity, students will play our proposed interactive fiction game built with the free software Twine ( Twine is a digital "choose your own adventure" platform where player choices lead them through different unfoldings of the plot (see figure 1). This allows the construction of decision-trees we as researchers can use to better understand student decision-making about information literacy as it intersects scientific and STEM literacy.

An Interactive Fiction Game for Information Literacy in STEM Courses part of STEM Futures:Products
This is a digital interactive fiction game for undergraduate STEM students to "choose their own adventure" and engage in, practice, and learn information literacy skills. Within a science-fiction scenario with characters crafted to reflect diversity in science, students will evaluate and act upon provided information types and sources to understand a mysterious set of events that unfold on their arrival at an outpost on Saturn's moon, Titan. Gameplay and post-play reflective activities will require critical thinking, problem-solving, and dealing with ambiguity in order to unravel different potential endings about the existence of an extraterrestrial life form. Thus, effective gameplay will require players to draw upon foundational, meta, and humanistic knowledge domains.