Vicki Hansen

Geological Sciences

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Activities (2)

Water: Where, What, Why, How? part of Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
Students in groups of 2-3 are charged with constructing posters that deal with the role of water in selected Earth environments. This is the last exercise in a series of poster 'events' in the class. ...

Play With Your Food part of Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
Have groups of students build structures with a variety of (the same) food ingredients. The challenge, which group can build the highest and stronger structure. In the process of building and class evaluations of ...

Essay (1)

Complex Systems part of Complex Systems:Workshop 2010:Participant Essays
Vicki Hansen, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth Astronaut photograph AS17-148-22727, taken by the crew of Apollo 17, courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center Gateway to Astronaut Photography ...