Exploring Genomics Data

The Genomics Explorers provide an iterative way for students to choose strategies for asking and addressing biologically interesting questions using a range of genomics tools. Select which Explorer you wish to explore:


Aiptasia Explorer

The Genomics Explorer helps students:

  1. become inspired about biology
  2. develop a literature-based understanding of important quantitative approaches,
  3. define interesting questions that can be addressed with data,
  4. make connections between genes and their biological functions,
  5. analyze and critically evaluate bioinformatic data,
  6. connect bioinformatic analyses with wet lab and field experiments,
  7. develop and test a viable hypothesis by bringing together the literature, classroom knowledge, and analysis of data.

Supported by National Science Foundation grants DEB 0746571 and DUE 0837375, Teagle Foundation Fresh Thinking Grant, Vassar College, and Cofactor Genomics.

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