Earth System Science Vocabularies Part VI:
Hot Topics In Science, In the News

This domain is intended to be organic and dynamic-growing in response to community interest. The first registry is of "hot topics in science" those areas where really exciting advances are being made across all aspects of the Earth (and planetary) systems. The second registry is "hot topics in the news" those items that are expected to capture the imagination and interest of the general public. The following is a sampling of the type of special topics that might be identified for special classification in the DLESE cataloging system.


  • Cause and variation of the Earth's magnetic field
  • Tomographic imaging of the deep Earth
  • Structure and origin of the continental lithosphere
  • Mineral physics as an emerging field of study
  • Geomicrobiology and Life in Extreme Environments
  • Marine hydrothermal systems and vent communities
  • Neotectonics
  • Ultra-high pressure metamorphism and geodynamics
  • Coupled bio-geochemical cycling
  • Source and process of large igneous provinces
  • "Snowball Earth"
  • Plate Reconstructions
  • Nature of and evidence for great extinctions
  • Global Warming/Climate Change


Natural Hazards (with links to current events)
  • earthquakes (location, magnitude, human impacts)
  • volcanic eruptions
  • mass wasting floods
  • wildfire
  • tsunami
  • drought
  • natural contaminants (e.g. radon, selenium,?)
  • sinkhole
Human Impacts and Hazards
  • desertification
  • deforestation
  • engineering projects
  • urban issues
  • environmental justice
  • groundwater pollution
  • land subsidence
  • land use/zoning
  • public health/epidemiology
  • seawater intrusion
  • environmental impacts of war
  • nuclear waste disposal
  • asbestos
  • land fills
  • agricultural practice and policy
  • biodiversity
  • endangered species
Health and Disease
  • human safety issues
  • disease vectors
Natural Resources (discovery, development, uses, consequences)
  • mineral resources
  • energy resources
    fossil, oil, gas, coal
    alternative or renewable
    conservation (of energy)
  • water resources
    ground water; aquifers
    surface water; river systems
    water quality
    water quantity
    water use practices
  • Soil Resources

Related to Oceans

  • El Nino, La Nina, ENSO
  • Fisheries-are the oceans dying?
Related to Atmosphere
  • Extreme Weather Events
    Hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms...
  • Global Warming/Climate Change
  • Acid Rain
  • Ozone Depletion
Related to the Biosphere
  • Endangered species, extinction

Planetary/Near Space

  • Space weather
  • solar flares
  • sun spots
  • aurora