Image Analysis Investigation Resources

Earth Exploration Toolbook Chapters

  • Whither Arctic Sea Ice?
  • Analyzing the Antarctic Ozone Hole
  • Annotating Change in Satellite Images
  • Exploring and Animating GOES Images
  • Measuring Distance and Area in Satellite Images

ImageJ Documentation

ImageJ user manual from the National Institues of Health. Describes menubar and tool functions.

NASA Earth Observatory

Earth Observatory's Image of the Day provides satellite-based views of our planet from a range of instruments. Images are accompanied by a 2 or 3 paragraph description and usually show a scale, facilitating measuring in ImageJ. The image of the day is a prepared set of time-series images a few times per month, facilitating studies of environmental change over time. This page has links to more than 70 prepared image sets.

[Content-Based Lessons and Images (link unavailable) new]

A series of content-based investigations and digital images from the Center for Image Processing In Education. Materials include lessons in life science, math, Earth science, biology and technology. Although written for NIH Image and Scion Image, the image processing techniques are very similar when using ImageJ. Available at no cost, however, downloading free materials requires logging in. Once logged in, click the Free Instructional Materials link on the right.

[Curriculum Materials: Discovering Image Processing (link unavailable)]

A set of 10 ImageJ lessons from the Center for Image Processing In Education. Teaches fundamentals of image processing and image analysis. Available for purchase: download PDF for order form.

Sizing Up Cells (Microsoft Word 141kB Oct9 07)

A sample DataTools Investigation using ImageJ to measure the average lengths of a variety of cells. Students scale and resize images of cells, to investigate how cells compare in size, structure, and function. Right-click on a PC or control-click on a Mac to download the investigation from the link above.

Air Pollution: What's the Solution?

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology offers a range of technology based activities for K-12 classes. This one on air pollution uses color-coded images and graphing.

Repeat Photography Projects

Glacier National Park
Santa Rita Experimental Range, near Tucson, AZ