Initial Publication Date: March 24, 2007

The DataTools Project Team

Dr. Tamara S Ledley - DataTools Project Principle Investigator

Ph.D. in meteorology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
BS in astronomy - University of Maryland College Park

Teaching mainly at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Conducted research in Earth system science at Rice University for 15 years and has authored over 30 scientific papers on the mechanisms of climate change.
PI of the Earth Exploration Toolbook, DataTools, DLESE Data Services, and Data in Education projects, and co-author of some Earth Exploration Toolbook chapters.

Nick Haddad - DataTools Project Director

B.S. in Structural Engineering from Tufts University and an M.S. in Education from Wheelock College.
Worked in the engineering profession briefy before changing careers to work in education.
Taught in elementary and middle school classrooms for 24 years.
Worked as a curriculum developer with BBN Educational Technologies Group and Riverdeep before joining TERC. Contributed to a wide range of math and science products, primarily for middle school. Authored a number of Earth Exploration Toolbook chapters.

Dr. Carla McAuliffe - DataTools GIS Specialist and Internal Evaluator

Ph.D. in Learning and Instructional Technology from Arizona State University.
Teaching for 21 years (8 years in junior high and high school levels and 13 years at the university level).
Conducted research on evaluation, instructional design, and 3-D modeling using a variety of visualization technologies.
Co-PI and Project Director of the Eyes in the Sky ITEST project, PI for the EET Workshops project, and author of a number of Earth Exploration Toolbook chapters.

Photo of LuAnn Dahlman

LuAnn Dahlman - DataTools Image Analysis and Career Specialist

Degree in geology.
Taught Earth science at the high school level for seven years.
Senior curriculum director for the Exploring Earth project, Co-PI for the Eyes in the Sky ITEST project and AccessData Workshops project, Project Director for the Earth Exploration Toolbook Collections project, and author of a number of Earth Exploration Toolbook chapters.

David Reider

David Reider - DataTools Project External Evaluator

Ed.M. Harvard University Graduate School of Education
M.M. New England Conservatory of Music
B.A. University of California, LA
Principal partner of Education Design. Education Design has conducted program evaluations for K12 initiatives for over ten years, many focusing on increasing STEM skills in youth, including recent projects Expanding the Data Cycle with TERC and Mayor's Technology Youth Corp with EMU (both NSF ITEST), Project WetKids with USM (NSF AYS), and Earth System Science for the 21st Century with USRA (NASA).

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill - DataTools Project Administrative Assistant

Degree in English Literature with a concentration in creative writing.
Worked in AmeriCorps VISTA program for one year in Montana.
Lived and worked in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand over three years as a factory worker, housekeeper, milkmaid, migrant farmer, and EFL teacher.