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Karen Havholm

Department of Geology
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

UWEC Background
~10,500 students, primarily undergraduate
Began as a teacher's college and continues to have a strong teacher preparation program
Geology department participates in preparation of elementary/middle level teachers (grades 1-9), and is gearing up to participate in preparation of secondary earth science teachers.

Elementary/Middle (1-9) Teacher Preparation
Students are required to take 4 credits each of Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. The Earth Science course is specially designed for these students. Course was designed in conjunction with School of Education faculty and in-service teachers.
Features include:

Related activities:

I am periodically asked to help students with earth science lesson ideas/materials during later professional experiences, or to give presentations in their classes. I also informally advise students as they seek my input.

Professional development opportunities for in-service teachers provide an ongoing connection with teachers in the area. High-quality teachers are chosen to be in the pool of teachers available for observation. Designing and implementing these professional development opportunities also keeps me connected with other science educators in the University.

Challenges: Opportunities

Strategies for success

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