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VEPP: Volcanologist Pro Tem: Exploring the Dynamics of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Volcano Exploration Project: Pu`u `O`o:Examples
This is an exercise that is in development and has not yet been fully tested in the classroom. Please check back regularly for updates and changes. This discovery activity puts students in the place of real volcanologists by giving them access to real-time data from Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. They learn about volcano monitoring techniques, study case histories of important volcanic processes, and then form and test hypotheses for past and future volcanic events with multiple instruments and real-time data. As a result, students will understand the processes that shape a basaltic shield volcano. In this semester long discovery activity: 1. Each student will be a temporary volcanologist–a specialist for a certain instrument. Instruments could include: seismometers, tiltmeters, GPS receivers, gravimiters, Web cameras, gas (SO2) analyzers, infrasound devices, etc. 2. Interdisciplinary teams will examine important volcanic event that shapes Kilaeua in the time period covered by data available from VEPP and compile instrumental data preceding and post-dating the event. 3. Each team will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for class summarizing the correlations between eruptive behavior, inferred intrusive (subsurface) events, and the instrumental record. 4. Each team will then spend a week monitoring the on-going activity and make a prediction for the subsequent week's activity in a "Monday Morning Meeting" like those conducted at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

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