Sarah Robinson

Economics and Geosciences

United States Air Force Academy

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Thermal Infrared Imagery/Differentiating geologic units part of Cutting Edge:GIS and Remote Sensing:Activities2
Sarah Robinson, U.S. Air Force Academy Summary A two part lab in which students a) manipulate thermal imagery to look at rock types and b) determine what wavelengths are appropriate for discriminating between rock ...

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Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis part of Cutting Edge:GIS and Remote Sensing:Courses
This is an introductory remote sensing and imagery analysis course.

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Using geomorphology to determine tectonic slip at Wallace Creek part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
The Carrizo Plain along the San Andreas fault in California is world-famous for its dramatic offset features. Sag ponds, linear ridges, beheaded channels and scarps define the landscape along the fault (Vedder and ...

Using technology as an aid to the geomorphologist part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
Geomorphology requires characterization of the earth's surface at sufficient high resolution in 3 dimensions to explicitly represent landforms. Measuring change requires repeat survey, thus adding the 4th ...