Stephanie Ewing

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Montana State University-Bozeman

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


independent soil investigation project part of Cutting Edge:Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Activities
Students demonstrate their skill in soils investigation and interpretation through independent projects undertaken in groups of one to three and presented in class using visual aids.


Landscape Pedology part of Cutting Edge:Hydrogeology:Hydrogeology, Soils, Geochemistry 2013:Courses
We explore approaches to evaluating soil development using concepts of soil age and residence time, and variation of soil properties with climate, geomorphic and hydrologic context, plant communities, and parent material. The course includes a substantial hands-on field component, written soil interpretation, quantitative problem sets, and independent investigation that is reported back to the class. Land use and soil management for agriculture/range are considered in the context of larger scale controls on soil development and distribution.

Events and Communities

Teaching Hydrogeology, Soils, and Geochem 2013