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Calculating Rb-Sr Isochrons part of Cutting Edge:Petrology:Teaching Examples
This is a spreadsheet that I use in petrology to walk students through calculating Rb-Sr isochrons and talking about isotope heterogeneity and sampling at various scales. The example exercise is the Tuolumne intrusive series.

A field trip to explore rock formation and tectonics of southern California part of Cutting Edge:Geoscience in the Field:Activities
In this contribution, we provide an example of a one-day trip to examine Proterozoic metamorphic and Mesozoic intrusive igneous rocks that are easily accessible along and near roads in southern California. The diversity of ages and types of crystalline rocks makes a field trip like this a great opportunity to engage students in active learning while linking petrology and historical geology course content in a field context. Students can utilize rock identification skills learned in petrology laboratory, and with a knowledge of available geochronologic data, can construct a more detailed geologic time scale for the region.

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