Rob Benson

Earth Sciences

Adams State College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Here we see it, but what's beneath? Effective geologic cross-section problem solving part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
This activity will challenge students to synthesize surface observations (strike and dip and other planar data, contacts, etc.) from a map to determine the location of a variety of important subsurface features using geologic cross-sections. Students will complete the following tasks: topographic profiles as needed, spatial location of surface data, assessment of variables, assessment of data quality, cross-sections as needed to effectively identify the nature of the assigned subsurface feature, and a standard scientific report describing the nature and conclusions of the project.


GEOL 111 Physical Geology part of Quantitative Skills:Courses
An introduction to the materials of the earth and the internal and surficial processes that have acted upon the earth through time. Laboratory work includes identification and classification of minerals and rocks and exercises involving topographic and geological maps.

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