Paulo Hidalgo


Georgia State University

I am an igneous petrologist by training. The driving force behind my current research lies in developing a more comprehensive understanding of large-scale continental crust dynamics through the use of tectonics, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology and geophysics. Specifically, I am engaged in explaining the origin of the continental crust. Currently, I am working on rocks from the Central American arc, specifically from Panama and Costa Rica. I also have a great interest in how children and people without science training understand Earth processes. My goal is to determine the conditions, settings and class structures that could result in an enhanced learning experience for the novice geoscience student and future k-12 geoscience teachers. An important component of my future research in this field is why some competent students panic and fail during science tests or stressful in-class situations.

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This is an inquiry-based content course designed to familiarize students with the fundamental concepts of biology and geology.


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Curiosity based learning and self-education Paulo J. Hidalgo, Geosciences, Georgia State University I have always admired educators who were able to transform my lack of enthusiasm towards a subject into that of ...

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