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Opportunities for Two-Year College Geoscience Faculty at GSA 2011

Events, technical sessions and a funding opportunity at the Geologic Society Of America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

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Many events of general interest to educators (including other pre-meeting short courses and field events) are also listed at the NAGT 2011 GSA webpage.


Technical Sessions (Selected)

T165. Geoscience for All: Strategies for Effectively Teaching a Broad Student Population: Lessons Learned from Two-Year Colleges and Other Open-Door and Diverse Institutions
Conveners: Eric M.D. Baer, Joy M. Branlund, Robert H. Blodgett
Teaching students with a wide range of backgrounds is critical at all institutions, but especially open-admission schools like community colleges. This session will focus on successful models for teaching and supporting all geoscience students.

T162. Increasing Accessible Opportunities in the Geosciences for Students with Disabilities: Current Research and Best Practices
Conveners: Christopher Atchison, Sharon Locke
Geoscience educators and students are encouraged to disseminate research findings and experiences in making geoscience curriculum accessible for physically disabled participants. This session will also promote awareness of the need to increase accessibility in the geosciences.

T150. Teaching about Hazards in the Geoscience Classroom
Convener: John R. McDaris
Natural and environmental hazards are opportunities to get students interested in geoscience topics. This session encourages educators to share successful strategies for addressing both the geoscience content and the societal factors involved.

T152. The Growing Role of Adjunct Faculty in the Earth Sciences
Conveners: Sue Ann Finstick, Gwyneth Jones The number of part-time, nontenurable faculty on campuses across the United States continues to increase. We encourage speakers who will explore the problems and potential solutions that arise as a result of the increase in contingent faculty.
T157. Innovative Hands-on Geoscience Lab and Class Activities for use in Undergraduate Teaching (Posters)
Conveners: Kate S. Pound, Cathryn Manduca, Lee Schmitt
This session will serve as a showcase for active, hands-on, inquiry-based activities used in undergraduate teaching. Participants are required to make their hands-on activity available for the "Hands-on Gallery." Participants can also upload instructional materials to the SERC website.

Funding Opportunity: Stipends Available

We have received support from NSF for two-year college faculty attendance and participation in the 2011 GSA annual meeting including travel and registration (GEO-1147339) . For more details, see the stipend application. Application deadline EXTENDED to September 20, 2011.

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