HHMI 6 Proposal Criteria

The HHMI/CISMI Advisory Board will use these criteria to review proposals (due April 1, 2007) from Carleton faculty and staff to be included in Carleton's 6th proposal to HHMI:
  • scientific and pedagogical merit
  • fosters collaboration between disciplines (including subdisciplines) and departments
  • fit to HHMI goals & guidelines
  • articulation and justification for the problem and/or need addressed by the project, including convincing faculty and staff buy-in, where appropriate
  • creativity
  • impact of the project
  • fosters collaboration with others (particularly science and math faculty, and involved college staff) at Carleton on emerging intellectual themes (e.g. neuroscience, modeling and visualization, broadening access, etc...)

If you have questions or comments about these criteria, please contact Ferná

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