HHMI VI Grant Guidelines

Online HHMI Guidelines for 2008 Competition

Projects Funded under Carleton's Current HHMI Grant

What themes and priorities would HHMI like to fund in this 2008 competition?

"Through this competition, HHMI also seeks to buttress science departments' capacity as it relates to teaching and to integrate life sciences education with other disciplines, including mathematics and computer science, in a way that reflects the increasingly quantitative nature of modern biological research."
  1. To engage students in inquiry-based science
  2. To prepare undergraduates, including women and members of minority groups underrepresented in the sciences, for graduate studies and careers in biomedical research, medicine, and science education
  3. To promote science literacy in all students
  4. To enable science departments to broaden their expertise in emerging disciplines
  5. To support high-quality innovative approaches and techniques in science teaching
  6. To enhance precollege education by connecting college science departments with education majors, K-12 teachers, students, and schools
  7. To disseminate successful science education approaches and tools

What kinds of projects can be funded with this grant (proposal due Oct. 2007)?

Examples of projects in each HHMI funding category are given below (you can find more examples from our current grant activities). HHMI encourages institutions to be creative in interpreting the five main category headings. If in doubt, check with Trish Ferrett or Ferná