Pedagogic Library, through a partnership with the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) has developed a library of pedagogic modules for educators across the curriculum. Each module features a particular pedagogic methodology including examples of how the method can be applied in a variety of subjects. SERC vets these modules with pedagogic experts; all pedagogic content is subject to a blind peer review process before it is made live.

A growing collection of classroom activities, submitted by faculty, is included within each pedagogic module. The result is an enhanced collection that allows users to seamlessly browse between pedagogic content and classroom activities. The modules can be used in their entirety or instructors can use the modules to generate ideas for their instruction.

Pedagogic Modules

Teaching with Data This module presents instructors with a detailed map for how data can be incorporated into instruction. The module describes different levels of data integration from having students learn by watching an instructor work with data to having students manipulate and analyze data on their own.

Developing Quantitative Reasoning This module describes how an instructor can intentionally incorporate quantitative reasoning goals and objectives into their classes. It contains examples of strategies for designing and assessing student work. It also presents a collection of profiles of faculty across the curriculum who are already addressing quantitative reasoning in their courses.

Quantitative Writing Writing with quantitative information can be a difficult skill for students to learn. This module describes why it is important to teach quantitative writing, what the process entails, how an instructor can approach the task, and provides examples for instructors to use in class.

Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with the News Using relevant news stories to increase students' quantitative reasoning skills can help captivate students who may be otherwise hesitant to using and understanding quantitative content. This module provides information to support instructors in making exercises using the news as meaningful and engaging as possible for students and instructors.

Using Socioscientific Issues-Based Instruction Teaching with controversial socially-relevant real world issues is something that many social scientists incorporate into their teaching already. This module provides support for instructors who want to make the exercise as structured as possible. While not expressed outright in the module, the use of numerical data to support claims in these types of papers is a natural way to help instructors teach with data.


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