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  • Linear Systems and Matrices After covering the standard course material on linear systems and matrices, Linear Algebra students are given a computer-based activity that helps them to develop a better understanding of matrix algebra and connections between linear systems and matrices. Students have their choice of a computer algebra system (CAS) or Internet-based interactive tools from the MERLOT collection referred by the instructor.
  • History of Pi and Buffon's Needle Students are directed to read an extensive online article entitled History of Pi; in addition, they make use of an interactive simulation of Buffon's Needle experiment. Afterwards, they answer several questions on how mathematicians calculated approximations for the value of pi and on the formulas that they used; they also discuss and analyze Buffon's experiment.
  • Pythagorean Theorem Investigations Students are directed to a Web site that contains a rich and extensive collection of proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, some accompanied by Java applets. Each student then selects two proofs to prepare to present to the class.
  • Symmetry and Tilings Students are directed to read through a Web-based tutorial on Symmetry and Tilings in the form of a short and colorful article entitled Tilings and Tesselations; afterwards, they answer several questions on tilings (tessellations), tiling terminology, types of symmetry (isometries), periodic tilings and Penrose tilings.
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