ChemPath To Writing Chemical Names and Formulas

Fred Garces, Miramar College, SDCCD, San Diego, CA
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This tutorial provides background information and rules on Chemical Nomenclature using the Stock system. The student will go through an interactive tutorial to name ionic or covalent compounds. Multimedia of how to name and write chemicals will also be accessed through this interactive activity. Students will also be presented a scenario in which they will need to look up MSDS of common chemicals. Finally, to practice writing chemical names and formulas, a crossword puzzle can be completed.

Learning Goals

By the time students complete this activity, students will be able to write chemical names or chemical formulas. Students can then use this skill in other topics such as stoichiometry, solution chemistry, equilibrium and acid-base chemistry.

Context for Use

This tutorial is for any chemistry course that introduces chemical nomenclature. The level can be varied depending on the student level.

Description and Teaching Materials

All materials in this tutorial can be accessed via the internet using a browser that uses java.

The tutorial can be access from the following link:

Teaching Notes and Tips



Progress of the activity is monitored by students answer in the questions posed after each part.

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