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Amplifying Humanistic and Meta Knowledge in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences part of STEM Futures:Products
The Biological Sciences Degree Program at Arizona State University is in the midst of a revolution. Through institutional support at the level of the Director of the School of Life Sciences, the core courses required of undergraduates in this major are being reviewed and realigned to cutting-edge pedagogical standards, 21st century skills, and national standards for knowledge. Amidst this culture of change, we envision a change in STEM education that provides students with an education that robustly integrates humanistic, meta, and foundational knowledge in order to better prepare them for their lives as professionals and citizens. This project highlights the incorporation of humanistic and meta knowledge into the Biological Sciences Degree Program.

Biological Sciences Degree Program at Arizona State - Tempe part of STEM Futures:Product Elements
Course layout for the Biological Sciences Degree Program within the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) at Arizona State University, Tempe.

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