Sheela Vemu

Biological Sciences

Waubonsee Community College

<p class="MsoNormal">Sheela Vemu is an associate professor at Waubonsee Community College, Illinois. Her career as a community college life science instructor has been fulfilling using the pedagogical approach of infusing industry defined case studies and quantitative skills in the classroom. She is a CC-Bio INSITES community college biology scholar. Recently, she has been asked to serve as Guest Co-Editor for the Special Issue – Community College Biology Education Research CBE – Life Sciences Education (LSE). She leads hackathon teams  to develop course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) using Antibody Engineering research ideas for the development of workforce skills. She currently serves as an auxiliary board member for the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. She is the Current Chair for the Community College section of National Biology Teachers Association (NABT) and runs the Community Conversations Webinar for NABT.She is a PULSE(Partnership in Undergraduate Life Science Education) Fellow since 2020 is part of the Midwest and Great Plains Regional Circle.

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Workshop Participant, Webinar Participant