Cayelan Carey

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ

Cayelan Carey is a freshwater scientist and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. Cayelan is the lead PI of Macrosystems EDDIE (Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry & Exploration;, an NSF-supported educational program designed to teach undergraduates about ecological modeling and forecasting using real-world, messy datasets. Cayelan has contributed modules to the Macrosystems EDDIE and Project EDDIE programs since 2013 and aims to catalyze systems thinking about ecosystems and global change in her teaching.

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Teleconnections part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Modules
Ecosystems can be influenced by teleconnections, in which meteorological, societal, and/or ecological phenomenon link remote regions via cause and effect relationships. Because it is difficult to predict how ...

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