Paul Kassebaum


I'm a sociable physicist and engineer interested in creating computational models and simulations as well as mentoring and directing teams of people. I'm passionate about creating projects that engage the public with science and technology, such as organizing public design challenges, teaching public courses, and making science museum exhibits.

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Arduino Pendulum Physics Lab part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2018:Activities
Easy to build pendulum lab to acquire data from an Arduino, analyze the data to find the period of the pendulum, and connect theory with the experiment using symbolic calculations.

Essay (1)

Teaching Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2016:Essays
Paul Kassebaum, MathWorks - updated February 2021 by Temo Vekua, MathWorks Please refer to the files attached to this SERC submission, which includes formulae and images that could not be included in this text ...