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Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Illinois at Chicago

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The Earth's Heat Budget part of NAGT:Our Resources:Teaching Resources:Teaching Materials Collection
Hands-on laboratory activity that allows students to investigate the effects of distance and angle on the input of solar radiation at the Earth's surface; the role played by albedo; and the heat capacity of ...

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Osteology of Dinosaurs at The Field Museum part of Paleontology:Activities
This activity explores vertebrate paleontology/paleobiology of the Mesozoic. It focuses on dinosaur osteology using skeletons and models at The Field Museum in Chicago. Students will compare the morphology of ...

Clam Dissection part of Paleontology:Activities
Dissecting a living clam to see how soft parts and life mode can be reconstructed from the preserved shells. Note: clams are purchased at a local market.

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Earth System History part of Course Design:Goals Database
Upper level (advanced undergraduates, graduate students) course on the history of the Earth system. Includes methods in stratigraphy, paleogeography, and geochronology. Lectures and seminar discussions of the ...

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University of Illinois at Chicago - Engaging Urban Students through Geoscience Career Development in the Classroom part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:University of Illinois at Chicago
The University of Illinois at Chicago program is centered on engaging urban students by incorporating career development into an overall more urban-relevant curriculum in the Department of Earth and Environmental ...