Stephanie Chasteen

University of Colorado at Boulder

Stephanie Chasteen is a physicist, research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder and active consultant, with a focus on supporting faculty adoption of evidence-based teaching practices.  She is the Associate Director of the Science Education Initiative, where she began as a postdoctoral fellow in Physics.  She is now the PI of the TRESTLE project at CU Boulder, helping to leverage the existing expertise built through the SEI to support further change at the institution.  Stephanie has strategically avoided a faculty track, and considers herself a change agent and academic “at large,” providing expertise and woman-power to support broad change in STEM education.

Stephanie’s research is best-known in the areas of institutional change and the impact of the SEI model, and student learning in upper division physics.  She is also a well-known external evaluator and consultant, and has worked with professional societies, universities, and informal science programs to provide feedback and materials.  A former science journalist, Stephanie also makes heavy use of communication and multimedia tools in her work, and has written articles, web modules, podcasts, and directed short films aimed at disseminating evidence-based teaching practice.  Her blog ( is widely read.  Stephanie holds a PhD in Physics, and has worked in a wide range of organizations, including the Exploratorium in San Francisco, National Public Radio’s science desk, the PhET Interactive Simulations, university settings, and her cozy home office.  

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