Tim Heaton

Earth Sciences, Earth Science

University of South Dakota

Timothy Heaton has been Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of South Dakota since 1990. His research focuses on Ice Age mammals and birds found in caves of Southeast Alaska and the Great Basin. He teaches courses on Earth History, Paleontology, Oceanography, Energy and Sustainability, and the Evolution/Creation Debate. In his spare time he loves mountaineering, caving, and marathon running.

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The Evolution/Creation Debate part of Online Teaching:Online Courses
In this course students are exposed to the modern scientific theories of the earth and life and to the diverse brands of Christian creationism and how they measure up to scientific analysis. Students explore these ...

The Energy Crisis (ESCI/PHYS 385) part of Energy:Energy Courses
Broad survey of energy fundamentals, renewable and nonrenewable energy options, environmental impacts, and politics. In addition to lectures there are many demonstrations, students must bring energy-related current ...